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Posted 27 Jun 2018: Local Bird Watching and Walking

Saturday, July 14, 1 pm: You’re Already a Birder (But Let’s Make it Official). If you’ve ever looked out your window over coffee and asked yourself, “What is that bird?” Guess what—you’re a birder. Birding doesn’t require an Audubon membership, an encyclopedic knowledge of all things avian, or even a goofy hat. The only must-have is a desire to enjoy sightings of birds. Having said that, birding is much more fun when you know where to go, have a good pair of binoculars, and can share the experience with other enthusiasts. Local birder Amy Gross, who leads birding walks around Eldorado and organizes the Meetup group Santa Fe Birdbrains, will share her thoughts on birding and offer some easy tips on how to get into and enjoy this educational, social, and completely low-impact hobby. Among the topics covered: equipment, birding etiquette, and how to improve your birding skills.

14 Avenida Torreon between the Adam Senior Center and the El Dorado Community School. Event is free and open to the public.


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